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GrowthDon't forget that you're human ... It's okay to have a meltdown. Just don't unpack and live there!

Therapy, Counseling, & Support


I specialize in several evidence-based treatment modalities. Evidence-based treatment means that the therapy has been researched extensively and deemed to be effective.  For a long time, psychological treatments were based on the clinician's "word" that they could help you feel better. As the field transitioned from theory into science, it became important for psychological scientists to prove the effectiveness of their regiments similar to how a cardiologist had to prove aspirin could prevent a heart attack.  Most of my clients  complain they were in therapy for years with other providers.  Most of my clients complete successfully complete treatment with me in about six months. 

You will notice I use the term "treatment' a lot. I prefer the word "treatment" because some people benefit from therapy, while others benefit from counseling, education (i.e., psychoeducation), or support.  Treatment is an all-encompassing word  for the following:


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

* an option for persons who feel overwhelmed by their emotions; sadness, rejection, and anger often dominate and  are experienced for minor reasons; emotions seem to change quickly and rapidly.


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

*fan option persons who are depressed and anxious due to numerous life stressors that are outside of their control (e.g., war, natural disasters,  a poor economy, racism/prejudice, infertility); for persons who are lacking motivation to "keep going" despite the obstacles. This modality is commonly used with military veteran and survivors of abuse.

Cognitive Process Therapy (CPT)

*an option for persons who have  experienced a traumatic event; nightmares, flashbacks, reoccurring negative thoughts, and irritable outbursts prevail; this modality is also commonly used with military veterans and survivors of abuse. 


Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)

*an option for persons who lack remorse, is reckless towards others, feels entitled, and does not think things through before reacting.

Multicultural Counseling

*an option for persons who experience oppression including gender minorities, racial minorities, spiritual/religious minorities, etc.; the focus is on learning  the tools to achieve long-term goals despite prejudice. *an option for persons who lack remorse, is reckless towards others, feels entitled, and does not think things through before reacting.

Sexual Compulsion

*Treatment for sexual compulsions is best when rendered by a therapist who the client will not become attracted to. Therefore, this treatment is being offered to heterosexual women and gay males who compulsively engage in sexual behaviors and who are unhappy with their actions. This treatment is not for sexually liberated persons who are content with their life. If you are a lesbian female,  heterosexual male, bi-sexual or pansexual person, feel free to contact me for a referral to a clinician who can help.  

Love Addiction

*an option for persons who find that they are prone to pine for love and affection, but who often find themselves in unhealthy relationships.

Substance Addiction Counseling

*an option for persons who have completed a residential or outpatient program and who would like to continue "working the steps" to recovery, but who do not want to attend AA or NA groups.

Sex Offender Treatment

*an option for persons who completed a residential or outpatient sex offender program and who would like to continue processing  relapse prevention concepts. It is important for you to not wait until you experience a deviant urge to look for an aftercare therapist. SEEK SUPPORT RIGHT AWAY.