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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Services Provided

To believe in everyone’s inherent ability to change and to provide psychological services accordingly.

  *Gender Dysphoria
  *AODA/Substance Abuse
  *Sex Offender Risk
  *Fitness for Duty


All psychological evaluations include a complete social history to help the client/agency understand the neurological, biological, familial, and envirinomental influences that led to the development of his/her mental health concern. All evaluations also include detailed recommendations for how to treat the client. Each recommendation is specific to the client, and the focus is on how to remedy the concern based on how the mental health issue developed. These evaluations are often used within the court setting and are predominmantly sought by court officials (i.e. judges, lawyers, parole agents); however, my clients and the court have found comfort in their ability to use the evaluation for secondary purposes (exs. pursuing SSI, medicaid, housing assisistance, and education assistance when these services are appropriate for the client).

  *Gender Transitioning Counseling
  *Substance Abuse Counseling

  *Sex Offender Treatment
  *Sexual Compulsions Treatment

  *Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

  *Sexual Abuse Counseling/Therapy
  *Sex Trafficking Psychoeducation
  *Trauma and Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM)
  *Cognitive Process Therapy (CPT)

Experience working with child, adolescent, and adult populations within the criminal setting and the community setting. Additional experience working with Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Middle Eastern, Jewish, Bhuddist, and Pagan populations.  

  *Life Coaching
  *Team Building
  *Program Development
  *Diversity/Multicultural Trainings
  *Mental Health Trainings

All programs/trainings are tailored to meet the needs of the agency. There can be as much breadth and depth as necessary to ensure your employees/attendees leave the event with info that enhances their professional development. All outlines, powerpoints, presentation-enhancements can be authenticated prior to the service date to guarantee a quality experience.

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