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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains

Gender Assessments

I specialize in multiculturalism and have a strong background working with persons of the LGBTQ community. When I am not working in the forensic capacity, I'm working as a Gender Specialist and am adept at completing assessments, counseling, and psychoeducation for transgendered males and females who would like to transition. The journey can be smooth, but it also can be bumpy as one decides hormones, surgeries, persona, stereotypes, racial disparity, economics, spirituality, etc. Family sessions are also an option for spouses, parents, siblings, and others who are transitioning with their loved one or who are adjusting as their loved one transition.   
If you are interested in facilitating a support group, feel free to contact me. Given the level of prejudice and miseducation in the world, support is greatly  needed and appreciated. I am open to hearing your ideas and providing a safe space.  




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