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Common Questions

What if I want therapy? What if my referral wants therapy?
A number of benefits are available from participating in therapy. Therapists can provide support, problem-solving skills, and enhanced coping strategies for issues such as depression, anxiety, unresolved childhood issues, grief, body image issues, poor decision-making, and low job performance. Counselors can be a tremendous asset to navigating personal growth, interpersonal relationships, familial conflict, marital concerns, and day-to-day life stressors. If you are interested in therapy, please contact me at [email protected] If I am not able to act as your therapist, I will refer you to a quality clinician that will help you to meet your treatment needs. 

What if I don't live in the Milwaukee area? What if my referral doesn't live in the Milwaukee area?

Services can be provided in-state and out-of-state. It is not uncommon for my clients to be referred to me by an agency. The agency typically has an office where the assessment or consultation can be completed.

Do you take insurance?
To determine if the client has mental health coverage through an insurance carrier, the first thing to do is to call the insurance company. Some aspects of the assessment are covered, while other aspects may not be. These assessments are individualized so  a free consultation may be necessary to determine what will be covered by the insurance company and what will be an expense by the client, the client's legal team, or the court.

Do you only work with offenders or inmates?

No.  About 25% of my referrals have been by other psychologists who work in private practice or the community setting. They've referred their clients for assessments when they've wanted to gain more insight into their client's concerns. A common example is when the primary psychologist needs help clarifying a diagnosis, which may be difficult due to the client's complex mental health background.