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GrowthDon't forget that you're human ... It's okay to have a meltdown. Just don't unpack and live there!

About Me


My name is Dr. LaToya K. Williams, and I am a Forensic Psychologist and a Clinical Psychologist.   For the past 18 years, I have worked closely with the criminal justice system, the Department of Health Services, and various linkage programs in Louisiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin. I am fully licensed and I have graduated from APA accredited programs (the "platinum standard" in the field of psychology). Due to my tenacity for education, I graduated with honors when completing my undergraduate and graduate studies. For more information about me, view my profile on LinkedIn, Psychology Today, or request a copy of my vitae.


A common complaint from clients is that they visit websites and do not gain an understanding of the service that is provided. I'm hopeful hat this site was detailed, without being overwhelming. Some pages have a lot of information. Take your time,  browse at your leisure, and learn as much as you can. Use the information to determine the type of service that is most useful for your concern. Even if you do not choose Psych Connection, use the information to locate a provider that is the best fit for you. 


Happy Learning,
Dr. LaToya K. Williams